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10 Common Scenarios When Your Certified Birth Certificate Comes In Handy

10 Common Scenarios When Your Certified Birth Certificate Comes In Handy

a brown post office telegram containing birth certificate information.

Birth certificates are considered important vital records often used as proof of identity. Whether traveling internationally, applying for a passport, or enrolling in school, all these activities require you to provide a copy of your certified birth certificate. And for those thinking they can get away with using a photocopy of their original—think again. A certified birth certificate copy needs to come from a vital records office and possess the registrar’s embossed, multi-colored seal, in addition to their signature for it to be valid.

State Vital Records delivers a list of 10 common scenarios when your certified birth certificate comes in handy, so you understand the importance of having a replacement backup in case yours gets lost or stolen. Keep reading to find out more!

When Do I Need a Birth Certificate?

Whether it's a routine traffic violation, buying alcohol, or purchasing items with a check, it's common for citizens to hand over their driver's license when verifying their identity. However, a certified birth certificate is a piece of vital information that can confirm one's identity, birth date, and state they were born in cases with extra security measures.

To obtain a copy of one, you can go to your state's official website. However, because every state has its own unique set of laws, some states like California and Texas make it challenging to order a replacement copy. The fastest way to get a certified copy of your birth certificate is through a vital records office.

1. Getting a Passport

A single navy American passport book.

A birth certificate is an official document necessary to apply for your government passport. Although most international travel requires a passport, cruise lines stand as one exemption, where one can use their certified birth certificate to confirm their identity.

2. Apply for a Driver’s License

For those getting their first driver's license or renewing, the majority of states will need a citizen's t birth certificate to prove their identity and age.

3. Replacing Your Social Security Card

Whether you accidentally misplaced it or had the misfortune of having your social security card stolen, you’ll need to provide a certified birth certification along with another official government document to get a replacement.

4. Getting Married

two wedding rings placed together ontop a a rock in nature.

Depending on the state you live in, you and your future spouse will have to show proof of identity to receive a marriage certificate. A marriage license is a crucial document and, for legal purposes, requires you to provide your certified birth certificate.

5. Receiving Social Security Benefits

People interested in receiving government benefits such as social security need to supply a birth certificate and other vital documents when applying to verify their identity, relationship, eligibility, and age.

6. Enrolling In School

Parents enrolling their kids in school must validate their child’s age and identity by using a birth certificate, social security card, or another form of government-issued form of identity.

7. Joining The Military

Those looking to enlist in the U.S. military need to ensure they can provide proper identification, including a certified copy of their birth certificate, social security card, or passport, before joining.

8. Traveling

Large Royal Caribbean cruise ship sails across crystal blue waters during a beautiful day

Traveling outside the U.S requires you to carry a passport as proof of identity and verify you're an American citizen. However, if your passport gets lost or stolen, it's essential to bring a certified copy of your birth certificate as a second form of identification.

9. Genealogy

Individuals curious to know more about their family tree, distant relatives, or other aspects of their genealogy must show their birth certificate to access the desired information

10. Filing a Pension or Insurance Benefits

Citizens interested can only claim pension or insurance benefits after they’ve given a government-issued birth copy of their birth certificate as well as their social security card to confirm their identity, age as well as their relationship to the beneficiary.

11. Court Proceedings

Citizens looking to legally change their name or gender to reflect their identity on their birth certificate need an original birth certificate before a court proceeding can take place.

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