About Us

      State Vital Records is a third-party online vital records processing company. Since 2013, we have aimed to provide a superior alternative to government agencies and other third-party companies. We have accomplished this by offering fast, convenient access to government-issued vital records through our secure online processing portal.

      Our customer-to-staff ratio enables us to provide personalized service to all applicants, without the wait times that are normally associated with ordering directly from a government agency or other third-party companies. Customers’ orders are reviewed carefully by our processors to verify the accuracy of application information, which helps to ensure that the requested certificate will be located and a certified copy delivered as quickly as possible.

      Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We promise to do our very best to always uphold this principle, for as long as we have the pleasure of providing this service.

      State Vital Records is 100% owned and operated here in the US.