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How to Get Your Birth Certificate for Free?

How to Get Your Birth Certificate for Free?

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For individuals looking to find their birth certificate free online—good luck. Although getting your replacement copy without paying is unlikely, there are some affordable options online that won't break the bank. If you're wondering how to get your birth certificate for free, State Vital Record delivers all the answers in this week's post. Keep reading to find out more!

Can you get your birth certificate for free online?

A certified birth certificate is a critical piece of information used to confirm one's identity. This vital record is required for citizens to enroll in school, get married or apply for a passport, and getting a birth certificate online for free isn't possible. Typically, the vital records office oversees birth certificate requests to protect your identity and privacy.

To apply, you can go through your state's official website and, from there, will have to pay the required processing and shipping fee. However, every state has its own set of unique laws, and some states like California and Texas make it challenging to order a replacement copy of your birth certificate. One of the fastest and cheapest way to order birth certificate is online through State Vital records.

Replacing my birth certificate online

Some online sites offer alternative methods to replace your birth certificate, although we don't recommend using the following ways, including:

Printing your birth certificate

You may be wondering if you can print your birth certificate online. Individuals with limited time and those traveling might think this is the best way to obtain a copy. However, a certified birth certificate copy needs an embossed official state seal and a signature of the state county or city registrar to be valid. Photocopies and printed copies of vital records will not suffice, and you need to go through an official vital records office to process a copy of your birth certificate. After submitting your request, you'll receive your birth certificate by mail. It's important to know that wait times vary depending on the stats, and you can expect your document to take between 10 days to a few weeks to be delivered. The price you'll have to pay for your birth certificate varies by state as well but usually costs anywhere from $7-$25.

Downloadable birth certificate

Although many online vital record sites claim that you can download your birth certificate on their site for free or by paying a marginal fee, this isn't the case! To use your birth certificate for official purposes requires you to have a recognizable seal to prove its authenticity. So, although it's not possible to get your birth certificate for free online, it's possible to get an inexpensive, certified replacement copy by filling out an application with State Vital Records.

Contact State Vital Records and Get a Copy of Your Certified Birth Certificate!

State Vital Records offers a fast and inexpensive way to replace your USA birth certificate online! Our quick, efficient process makes replacing your birth certificate easy and affordable. Just fill out an online application, and as soon as it's received, we'll get to work expediting the entire ordering process. Not only that, we provide tracking so you can stay up-to-date on your order's whereabouts to ensure your birth certificate securely gets delivered and in the right hands. Order online to get a certified copy of your birth certificate today or to hear more about the other types of vital records we provide, including death certificates and passports. Contact us today!