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State Vital Records Will Now Offer Vital Records For The State Of California

California state capitol museum

State Vital Records (SVR) is pleased to announce a partnership with The State of California to operate as an official delegated provider of online vital record services.

How does this help you?

While SVR has been processing vital records requests for California for several years, dating back to July of 2017, this was done independently rather than through a partnership with the state. As an official trusted partner, we now transfer request data electronically, which reduces costs for consumers and speeds up the time it takes for their requested documents to be delivered.

Processing requests online is beneficial to everyone because it gives us the ability to respond to each unique request in live time, providing real-time assistance with document request applications. Without online data requests, consumers looking to access vital records in California would have been forced to use paper applications that were more difficult to fill out and took much longer to file.

“It becomes a huge headache, at best, for someone to be told it will take a month or more to receive the requested document, only to find out that it will take much longer just because of a simple error that could have been avoided,” said Joshua Stankard, CEO of State Vital Records. “Our smart online application cuts those issues down dramatically with logic and validation.”

What types of records can SVR provide in California?

SVR provides authorized and informational copies of the following records and certificates:

  • - Birth Certificates
  • - Death Certificates
  • - Marriage Certificates
  • - Divorce Certificates
  • - Creditors and mortgage lenders will need to verify death
  • -Fetal Death and Stillbirth Certificates

We also provide vital records in a variety of other states both online or by mail in accordance with each state’s laws and whether we have developed a partnership with the state at this time. To order vital records in a different state, visit

What about notarization?

Any vital records form that needs to be notarized is seamless because of our partnership with NotaryLive , a remote online notarization platform that provides fast, secure, and convenient notarization 24/7. This streamlines the entire process while also minimizing errors and delays. It also makes SVR a completely remote process, which is especially important in today's world.

Looking to order vital records? Click here to make a request. If you have any questions, contact us today!