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How to Identify a Fake Birth Certificate

How to Identify a Fake Birth Certificate

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Companies are profiting from making fake birth certificates online. People looking to create a fake birth certificate or any other vital record can easily do so; all they have to do is pay a marginal fee. New sites crop up daily, capitalizing on a growing market to produce fraudulent documents—but why? From identifying a fake birth certificate to the steps you need to take to report one, State Vital Records covers how to Identify a fake birth certificate. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Would Someone Make a Fake Birth Certificate?

There’s a list of reasons why an individual might be interested in getting a fake birth certificate. From getting a passport to enrolling in the military or school and getting married, a birth certificate stands as one of the most important vital records you have to prove your identity.

Forging a birth certificate is often used for immigration purposes for foreign nationals to enter or remain in the United States. Other times, criminals obtain fake birth certificates to commit identity theft fraud, which is why it’s critical to keep your certified birth certificate or vital records safe at all times.

How to Identify a Fake Birth Certificate

Original birth certificates use anti-forgery features to verify it’s official including:

  • A raised, embossed, or multicolored seal.
  • The signature of the state, county, or city register.
  • A number for it to be valid.
  • The individual’s full name, date, place of birth
  • The names of the person’s parents.

Is it illegal to create a fake birth certificate?

Yes. Creating a fake birth certificate is against the law, and individuals submitting a fraudulent birth certificate, whether in the United States or outside the country, will face legal repercussions if caught.

Steps to Report a Fake Birth Certificate

If you suspect that an individual has a fake birth certificate, here are the following steps to report them to the authorities:

  1. Collect Information to submit: Gather any incriminating evidence that can help illustrate the certificate is fake, including a copy of the document, any information about the person in question, such as their home address, place of work, or social security card.
  2. Decide on whether to report anonymously: If reporting anonymously, you won’t have to testify in court and can easily report by calling a hotline.
  3. Report to your local police: Depending on the state, possessing a fake birth certificate might be considered a felony or misdemeanor. You can also give an anonymous tip and call Crime Stoppers by dialing 1-800-222-TIPS.
  4. Contact the FBI: Using a fake document to commit fraud is a federal crime. Whether the individual plans on committing identity fraud or plans to stay in the country illegally, it’s essential to contact the FBI online through an anonymous tip form or by phone.
  5. You may choose to contact ICE: You can make an anonymous report about an illegal immigrant to ICE by calling toll-free at 866-347-2423
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