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Why State Vital Records Sends Clients To NotaryLive


State Vital Records makes ordering vital records like birth and death certificates convenient by allowing you to request them online.

However, many of these vital record applications require having documents notarized before they can be processed.

That's why State Vital Records has partnered with NotaryLive - to make getting your documents notarized fast, easy, and secure.

What Is NotaryLive?

NotaryLive is a remote online notarization platform.

This means you can meet with a notary and get your document notarized entirely online, without having to meet in-person.

The whole process takes just minutes and can be done whenever you need.

Why Online Notarization Is More Efficient

Many vital record applications require notarization before they can be processed. Normally this would mean finding, scheduling and meeting with an in-person notary.

To make this more convenient for their customers, State Vital Records partnered with NotaryLive's online notarization service.

Now customers can get their documents notarized directly through State Vital Records' ordering process within just a few clicks.

Online Notarization Is Legal & Secure

NotaryLive uses "state-of-the-art ID verification" to confirm identities.

Your documents are securely signed and notarized by certified online notaries. The end result is a legally binding notarized document you can use for all your vital record needs.

This is why State Vital Records is partnering with NotaryLive - to make the vital records ordering process faster, easier, and more secure for you.

Get Your Vital Records Notarized Online With NotaryLive

The next time you need a document notarized for vital records, turn to NotaryLive for convenient and instant online notarization.

Simply click the link State Vital Records provides in your email confirmation of your vital records order or visit the site for more information.

How The Vital Records Process Works With NotaryLive

  1. Order online - Submit form on State Vital Records through our online order form.

  2. Notarization Through NotaryLive - In terms of notarization, some states require notarization of application or a sworn statement – because of State Vital Records' partnership with NotaryLive, a remote online notarization platform that provides fast, secure and convenient notarization 24/7.

    1. Upload Your Document
    2. Verify Your Identity
    3. Connect Online With An Online Notary
    4. NotaryLive Routes Your Documents to State Vital Records Automatically

  3. State Vital Records - After notarization through NotaryLive, State Vital Records will send the application to the jurisdiction.

  4. Jurisdiction - Will complete order and mail copy of the requested vital records to you.

If you require assistance in notarizing your document, please contact [email protected]. Interested in the notarization process? Click here to learn more.

Looking to order your state vital records? Click here to make a request. Have any questions, contact us!