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Acceptable Forms of Identification

One (1) Primary or Three (3) Secondary IDs are required:

Primary Identification

Primary Identification is required to establish proof of the identity of the person requesting a protected vital record. Acceptable items must be current and valid and contain the applicant's name and photograph that establishes the applicant's identity. Acceptable forms of Primary Identification are:

Must Provide One (1)

  1. State-issued Driver License or Identification Card
    • Florida Licenses can be expired up to 1 year past expiration date
    • Licenses from other states can be expired up to 1 month past the expiration date
  2. Passport
  3. Military ID, DD Form 2
    • Active has green background
    • Retired has blue background
    • White is a common access card
  4. Military Dependent ID, active or retired, DD 1173
  5. Learner's Permit (Instruction Driver's Permit if over 18 years of age)
  6. Resident Alien Card, Form 1-551 (permanent resident card)
  7. ID card issued by the US Department of Justice - Immigration and Naturalization, Form I-197
  8. Non-Immigrant Visa
  9. Alien Registration Card
  10. Temporary Resident Card
  11. Non-Immigrant Visa / Border Crossing Card
  12. Military Common Access Card
  13. ID card issued by US Department of Certificate of Naturalization
  14. Inmate ID card issued on or after January 1, 1991, by the Florida Department of Corrections
  15. Inmate ID issued by the US Department of Justice
  16. Pilot's License
  17. Concealed Weapons License
  18. US Employment Authorization Card


Secondary Identification

If a Primary Identification is not available, three Secondary Identification items of different types may be used to establish proof of identity. These forms combined must confirm the applicant's name, signature, or identifiable photo of the applicant. Acceptable forms of Secondary Identification are:

Must Provide Three (3)

  1. Valid Vehicle Registration
  2. Vehicle Insurance Card
  3. Vehicle Title
  4. Current Traffic Citation
  5. Recent DMV Receipt for Fines Paid
  6. Some types of foreign ID
  7. Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the USA, FS 240
  8. Employment Photo ID with notarized statement from employer indicating they are currently employed
  9. School Photo ID with notarized statement from school indicating they are currently enrolled
  10. Credit / Debit card with photo
  11. Health insurance card
  12. Life insurance policy
  13. US Military Discharge papers, DD 214
  14. US Selective Service card (if through the school system)
  15. Veterans’ Administration (VA) card
  16. Motor vehicle operator’s license (photograph not included)
    • Note: a temporary driving permit is not acceptable
  17. Voter registration card
  18. Social security card
  19. Employment ID (photograph not included), with notarized statement from employer indicating they are currently employed
  20. Marriage license
  21. W-2 form (within past 3 years)
  22. Property tax bill
  23. Medicaid, or other social services form or identification
  24. Bill or other piece of mail addressed to applicant at the address he/she is providing; can use only one of these as part of the three
  25. Justice- Immigration and Naturalization, Form I-197