Customer Testimonials

Ms. E – Courtenay, British Columbia

“Omg! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! Thank you...from the bottom of my heart...for all of your hard work and being so helpful! This is a challenging situation all the way around and I thought this would've been the easy part!! Haha!! Although, you have made the experience SO much smoother. Thank you for that.”

Mr. M – Bakersfield, CA

“sorry about the wait. I have been busy with the VA. I really appreciate you guys. Life has been hard after getting discharged from the marines…But your great customer service has helped me a lot and its nice to know some people still care.. thank you.”

Mr. Q – Englewood, CO

“I really mean it when I say thank you for your help… I'm not sure of her name but I would like to personally send an email of gratitude to whomever was working on my case…the rep whom was helping me went above and beyond trying to help me jump thru the hoops that is ordering a birth cirtificate…She was very helpful and responded very quickly to all my questions. Tell her I said thanks”

Ms. G – Danville, IN

“Wonderful! Just got your voicemail, thank you folks so much, I will highly recommend your services to our network & of course, any future service we may need.”

Mr. C – Boutte, LA

“Thank you so much for your prompt service!  I appreciate all your assistance in getting this sent so quickly…thank you all so much for your hard work.”

Ms. S – Trenton, NJ

“I wanted to say thank you. I received my document today in the mail. Everything was so fast and comunication was awesome. Thank you again for a quick and easy experience.”

Ms. J – Muscat, Oman

“Thank you for this! Feels like there's people beyond automation :). Appreciate your help! Thanks again for your patience and assistance.”

Ms. L – Austin, TX

“Thank goodness,  thank you soo much for your help, I will recommend this website to alot of people i know who are stuck…Thank you guys! It's is awesome to see a copy of my parents signing my birth certificate,  i thought it would be just computer generated,  typed out, made me emotional and proud, this is the first step, and im so very greatful for the excellence in your service and support.”♡♡♡

Ms. S – Fort Worth, TX

“I appreciate your help, y’all have been so helpful to us throughout this whole process of trying to close on my cousin’s house. Thank you”

Ms. M – Magnolia, TX

“Thank you so much!! I appreciate your great customer service.”

Mr. D – San Antonio, TX

“You have made one young man very happy that he can finally get his drivers license! His father just recently died and he doesn't have a family that can or will help him! Thank you so much for your assistance!”

Mr. M – Ashburn, VA

“thank you so much your efforts.... you have brightened my daughters day she is so happy about being able to go on her dream vacation....have a wonderful day and thanks so much again for your help!”

Mr. G – Longview, WA

“And thanknyou very much for your help. This has been a stressful issue. Hope you have a Happy Holidays.”

Ms. C – Seattle, WA

“Thank you and I appreciate the response, great experience and would definitely recommend the service to others.”